The Correlation Between Obesity and Knee Pain

Obesity and the knee pain have a strong connection as your knee gets all the burdens of your overall weight while you walk, run or stand. With each extra pound, the load will be four times on the knee joint. And that’s where the endless suffering of chronic knee pain begins.

It doesn’t stop there. The pain grows and increases the risk of osteoarthritis (OA) – a type of arthritis in which the flexible tissues at the end of the bone get exhausted to generate an excruciating pain. It disrupts your routine life.

Physical Complications

Some of the physical complications that come into light due to obesity:

In theory, extra body weight can release a hormone called leptin, also called as tumor necrosis factor alpha, and substances called as tumor necrosis factor interleukin-1, that increases inflammation in the body. These two are responsible for cartilage damage that leads to Osteoarthritis condition.

Knee Dislocation
The obese patient is more likely to grow a knee dislocation. It can injure the main artery behind the joint and down the leg. If the patient is ignorant for too long, it can turn into a vascular injury that can result in a complete leg amputation (disability).

How Do You Reduce Pain?
How can you magically vanish the pain? It’s simple. Reduce weight by arranging an appointment with the obesity specialist in Bangalore. They can help to recover the flexible tissue at the joint by opting for either an obesity surgery in Bangalore or the weight loss surgery in India. With the current advanced technology, the procedure to a weight loss surgery has become easier and completely safe.

Precautionary Measures
Now that we have established a strong bond between obesity and the knee pain, we must know the precautionary measures to prevent from obesity and knee pain or rather say, what most obesity specialist in Bangalore would suggest.

Your family doctor is often a good judge to identify the real cause of knee pain and if it involves irregularities in Body Mass Index (BMI) then he/she can suggest the best clinic or surgeon for obesity surgery in Bangalore or weight loss surgery in Bangalore.

The obesity specialist in Bangalore can also recommend the types of easy exercises which can help reduce the pain in the joint. For eg. Bicycling, walking and some muscle strength training workouts. The obese patient must also be active in the day to day tasks like playing with kids, walking on the lawn or the footpath etc.

If the wear and tear of the joint are too much due to obesity, then you might have to go in for a knee replacement surgery. It has been seen that many people who have lost significant weight after a bariatric surgery, do not require a knee replacement, as the weight loss itself leads to a significant decrease in knee joint pain.

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