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Gynecomastia Surgery In Maldives

About Gynecomastia Surgery


Dr. Tulip’s Obesity Diabetes Surgery Centre performs Gynecomastia Surgery in Bangalore which is a safe and simple procedure for a male breast problem. This is handled by highly qualified surgeons with good experience in their field to process the liposuction and the glandular tissue reduction.

Gynecomastia, excessive development of the breast seen in males, is often a result of hormonal imbalance, treatments with certain medication, testicular issue or endocrine problems. The male breast enlargement problem is due to an increase in glandular breast tissue, adipose tissue (fat) or a combination of both over the chest. It is mostly seen in the adolescent age at the time of puberty and is caused by an imbalance in the estrogen-androgen ratio. This probably can be reduced within one or two years of puberty. When this doesn’t sit right naturally, it brings social embarrassment thus creates a psychological effect on the person.

Gynecomastia is not a major issue to be concerned about. One small surgery for Gynecomastia in Bangalore can make life simpler. Our surgeons for male breast reduction in Bangalore examine the problem carefully before commencing the procedure.

Normally, simple liposuction, i.e. one or two tiny 2mm incisions, would do the job perfectly for Gynecomastia in Bangalore if the enlargement is due to fat only with no glandular element. In case, there is an enlargement of glandular tissue along with excessive fat deposition, the treatment for male breast reduction Bangalore includes liposuction and excision of glandular tissue which gives the ideal contour for a male breast. This excision is also done just through a 1 to 2 cm incision around the areola so that no scar is visible. After a day of surgery, one can return to a normal routine life. However, a pressure garment needs to be worn for a month, based on requirements or suggestions by the Gynecomastia expert.

Tulip’s Obesity; Diabetes Surgery Centre understands the social and psychological anxieties associated with the male breast problem. Hence, the hospital is extremely careful to maintain the confidentiality of the patient file related to Gynecomastia in Bangalore.