Bariatric surgery refers to a surgical procedure that leads to successful long term weight loss. Bariatric surgery is done through tiny keyholes on the tummy requiring 2 to 3 days of hospital stay. It is the best choice when all other attempts like dieting, exercise, gym, aerobics fail to help you to lose weight.

Bariatric surgery should not be considered a cosmetic procedure, as it not only helps to lose weight but also helps one to get rid of associated problems like diabetes, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, obesity-related infertility, obesity-related knee pain, obstructive sleep apnea and many more.

Bariatric surgery could be restrictive, malabsorptive and a combination of the two. Common restrictive procedures are the gastric band and the sleeve gastrectomy. A combination of restriction and malabsorption is the gastric bypass and the mini gastric bypass.

Qualification criteria for bariatric surgery:
1)BMI >37.5
2)BMI > 32.5 with 2 or more comorbidities.

Bangalore is regarded as the tech hub of our country. Job opportunities over the last decade have increased so also take-home packages. At the same time, the number of working hours has drastically increased so is the work pressure. As people are out of the home most of the time, eating out has become a very common feature. Due to stress and odd hours of working people have started binge eating and prefer fast foods. Due to this obesity in Bangalore is on the rise, not just in adults but also in children.

People in Bangalore are becoming all the more health-conscious and are becoming increasingly aware of the way they look and the clothes they wear. They are hitting the gym, going for regular walks, following different types of diets, etc. Many of the overweight are able to shed the excess few kilograms and get back to normal/ ideal weight, maintain this weight, and thus live a healthy life.

But there is a big sector of people who have put on excess weight to the tune of 30 to 70 kgs more than their ideal weight. These are just unable to shed the extra kilos and maintain the same. Earlier these people did not know what to do as they had nowhere to go to get back to a normal weight and a healthy life.

Looking at the success and safety of bariatric surgery in the best to lose weight and the number of people opting for bariatric surgery and enjoying the benefits of bariatric surgery in terms of weight loss, improved quality of life, resolution of diabetes, resolution of high blood pressure, resolution of sleep apnea, marked improvement in knee joint pains, India has also the following suit since the last 15 years.

But awareness about, Bariatric surgery in Bangalore or weight loss surgery in Bangalore, has taken a little more time than the rest of South India and India as a whole. This is because people were a little more conservative and were captives of the myth that bariatric surgery is not safe and is associated with a large number of complications.

People have realized that it is better to undergo this safe surgery and to get back to good health and a better quality of life, rather than to unnecessarily suffer from morbid obesity and its associated problems like diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, primary infertility due to obesity, secondary infertility due to obesity, knee joint pains, etc.

Coming to the types of bariatric surgeries either weight-loss surgeries performed all over the world, there are more than a dozen surgeries. Of these people and doctors are opting more for a Sleeve gastrectomy in Bangalore. This sleeve surgery has come up over the last 18 years all over the world and in India for the last 10 years. It is technically less challenging to perform. Laparoscopic Roux en Y gastric bypass in Bangalore is the other weight loss surgery performed and is considered the gold standard for bariatric surgery worldwide.

This surgery is more than 5 decades old and Dr. Ramesh and Dr. Tulip are the pioneers in this surgery, having performed the first gastric bypass surgery in India. This Roux en Y gastric bypass surgery has stood the test of time and is giving the best results not only in terms of weight loss but also maintenance over the years. It also offers the best resolution for type 2 diabetes, dyslipidemia, hypertension, sleep apnea. etc.

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