Breast Reduction Surgery

About Breast Reduction Surgery

For minor reduction in breast size, liposuction should be adequate. If the breasts are exceptionally large and sagging, and significant reduction in size is required, then liposuction will not help and a reduction mamoplasty surgery is required.

Only those with a well-developed breast can know the challenges that come with this type of physique. For these women, a breast reduction procedure can help alleviate lower back pain, improve posture, and help their bodies look more in proportion.

Are you frustrated with your overly enlarged breasts?

Ability to participate in sports and other activities. Many times, large breasts get in the way of movement and discourage people from participating in activities. They can also cause repetitive stress injuries (colloquially known as “jogger’s breast”) during exercises that require repetitive motion. Ultimately, this could become a more significant health problem if those with large breasts decide to refrain from exercise in general to avoid injury and embarrassment. But after your recovery from breast reduction, you’ll find it much easier to dive into these types of activities with a new sense of balance and mobility.

Easier shopping and better deals. Not surprisingly, those with large breasts tend to have problems finding clothes that fit them properly. Clothes either fit the chest region or the rest of the body, but not both. Even when things do fit, odd sizes usually mean limited availability and lack of good deals. With a breast reduction comes a more streamlined physique that will likely better fit off the rack garments. For these individuals, that means more clothing options, more freedom to dress how they want to, and more savings because they can fit into a wider variety of clothes.

Benefits Of Breast Reduction Surgery?

Reduced stretch marks and better look as you age. No one likes to think about stretch marks, but due to the inevitabilities of gravity, they’re a fact of life. The heavier and more out-of-proportion a particular part of the body is, the higher the likelihood that stretch marks will appear in that region. A breast reduction procedure not only improves comfort and posture but also helps to avoid stretching and stretch marks over time, allowing your breasts and the areas around them to age better. While this may not be something you’re thinking about now, it is something to consider for later on in life.

Breast reduction surgery removes glandular tissue, fat, and skin from the breasts, resulting in smaller, lighter, firmer, and better-proportioned breasts. The goal of breast reduction surgery is to give a woman smaller and more shapely breasts than her body. Good candidates for breast reduction include mature enough women to understand the reduction procedure and realistic expectations for the outcome.

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