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Best Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery Center in Bangalore

A Centre par excellence for long-term weight loss solutions and diabetes remission. One of its kinds in South India’s dedicated to the care of Indias dreaded health issue Diabetes and Obesity, which seems to be growing in epidemic proportions. Diabetes is a major concern in India and its high time we address it on a broader platform not only offering control of blood sugar but remission of diabetes. Our goal is to give precision care, and this is possible because our focus is only on diabetes and obesity surgery crossing more than 2000 procedures thus attaining expertise. Instead of a multi thronged approach to treat obesity and its associated comorbidities- hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidemia, sleep apnea, joint pains, GERD, infertility, we recommend bariatric surgery as a single solution to treat obesity and related ailments.

Unless we have dedicated centers offering surgical solutions to the management of diabetes and obesity, we will never be able to stress upon the necessity of insurance to be made available to this very large segment of health care in society.

Why Choose TODS?

While choosing a surgeon or hospital, utmost care needs to be taken. One must look into the
1) Experience and skill of the surgeon dedicated to the field of Bariatric surgery.
2) Number of Bariatric surgeries performed by the surgeon
3) Recognition of the surgeon at the international level. Surgeon of Excellence Or Centre of Excellence is a recognition given by the Surgical Review Corporation USA, after looking into details like the number of surgeries performed regularly basis, results after the surgery in terms of weight loss, diabetes remission and complications if any
4) TODS takes pride in having the pioneers and most experienced bariatric and metabolic surgeons of South India: Dr. M. Ramesh and Dr. Tulip
5) Details are given and time spent by the surgeon before during and after the surgery.
6) Whether good follow up care is provided during the weight loss journey as this is very important.
7) Hospital infrastructure and nursing care are up to the mark.

Why choose Dr Tulip?

Hats off to Dr.Tulip who has gone ahead and ventured to set up South India’s 1st Flagship Hospital dedicated to Obesity and Diabetes ( Metabolic) surgery. India like we all know is the diabetic capital of the world and  Obesity is growing in stupendous proportions, so much so that in India people we dying of starvation, but today, people are dying of overeating and obesity.

Dr.Tulip has been recognized by the Surgical Review Corporation USA  as  “ Surgeon of Excellence”  due to her excellence in the field of bariatric and metabolic surgeryShe has got a vast experience of over 2 decades as a surgeon and has set her focus only on Obesity and Type 2 diabetes solutions.

Practice makes one perfect. Dr.Tulip’s practice deals with only obesity and Type 2 Diabetes and because of this dedication TODS Hospital can give the best results in terms of weight loss and resolution of type2 diabetes.  The Success rate is between 95 to 100%.

Selecting the right patient for surgery is the key to success. This can be done after a thorough evaluation of the patient in terms of history, investigations, compliance, and counseling.

So, be it qualification, skills, dedication, time spent and focus, Dr.Tulip has it all.