Banded Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery

Banded Sleeve Gastrectomy Maldives

About Banded Sleeve Gastrectomy

Banded Sleeve Gastrectomy in Bangalore is an add-on to the standard sleeve gastrectomy procedure, wherein a nonadjustable ring of silicon is placed about 3-4 CMS below from the OG (esophagogastric junction) on the already created tube of the gastric sleeve.

This is done to continue the restrictive element of the standard procedure even years after the surgery thus ensuring long-term weight loss and avoiding weight regain.

The band that is used is a non-adjustable band that comes in different sizes. There are two varieties of the band, one is the Fob band and the other is the minimizer. Both these bands are made of silicon. The position where the band is placed is very important. It should be placed in the upper part of the created sleeve, approx. 3 CMS from the esophagogastric junction, thus dividing the sleeve into a small upper portion above the band and a large lower portion below the band. By doing so, we allow only the small upper portion above the band to expand.

The stomach is elastic and has the capacity to stretch. Hence, the residual sleeve also will stretch. The extent to which these stretches vary. In the long run as the intake of food increases and if lifestyle modifications are not followed, this could be a reason for weight regain. If the band is applied after creating the sleeve, then the extent of stretching of the stomach wall below the band will be very little. Also, the band is non-adjustable and hence it acts as a valve controlling the passage of food, thus allowing the food to pass down slowly, in turn, restricting the intake of food.

Thus, the sleeve is banded in those having a very high BMI, thus ensuring continued weight loss and long-term maintenance.