Pumpkin & Carrot Smoothie( Weight Loss Following Keto Recipe)

15 Minute Keto Recipe:

Pumpkin and carrot Smoothie: Pumpkin is an amazingly nutritious food with tonnes of immune- boosting vitamins (A,C,B,D), vital minerals, antioxidants, natural sweetness (making it perfect for snacks and desserts), while being one of the lowest-carb foods. It’s known for boosting immune system, eye-health, skin benefit, and when it comes to weight control, it’s the whole diet , which can replace breakfast.

1.Carrot-100 grams
2. Almond Flour- 10 grams
3. Pumpkin- 100 grams
4. Coconut milk – 150ml
5. Chopped almonds & 2 pinches of cinnamon powder for garnishing

1. Steam the pumpkin for 5-7 minutes and add carrot paste, coconut milk, almond flour and 100 ml water to make a smoothie. Garnish with chopped almond and cinnamon powder.

NutritionalValues: Calories: 412.5, Carbohydrates: 21.71, Protein: 5.1, Saturated fat: 32.68, Unsaturated fat: 8.44, Total fat: 41.12, Fibre: 5.85

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