Did you know that Cabbage has benefits for weight loss?

Did you know that Cabbage has benefits for weight loss?

100 gms of cabbage has
1.  93% water
2.  Calories 25
3.  2.5 g fiber
4.  0.1 g fat
5.  Low / No Glycemic Index

There are many kinds of diets for quick weight loss followed by people. Including cabbage in your diet plan is advantageous because cabbage is extremely low in calories and has 93% of water. For hydration this summer, drinking water is not the only way to keep hydrated, but eating water rich vegetables too can be useful. Cabbage is a vegetable which has a good amount of dietery fiber and comes under the High Fiber foods.

It also has only 0.1g of fat per 100gms of cabbage. People with diabetes can also include this vegetable in their diet since the Glycemic Index is also very low. In one of the research published in “Diabetes Care” in 2003, one of the lead researcher Dr. Jennie Brand-Miller along with colleagues found that a low Glycemic Index diet helped lower blood sugar levels in people suffering with diabetes. Introducing low GI foods in your diet, like cabbage, can improve your health.

Surgery patients should consult a best bariatric surgeon or a metabolic surgeon before including this in your diet plan.

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