Obesity Becomes Worldwide Epidemic

It is no secret that obesity is now almost a global epidemic. A majority of adults across the world are now either overweight or obese. This is largely due to factors like sedentary lifestyle, dietary imbalance and other unhealthy habits.

In India, a person with Body Mass Index(BMI) greater than 27.4 is considered to be obese. Obesity can lead to various health complications like heart diseases, diabetes, arthritis, cancer among others. However, obesity is easy to overcome if its treatment is started early on.

For a person who is morbidly obese(BMI>37.5) & has two other comorbidities of obesity, bariatric surgery is usually recommended. Bariatric surgery is extremely effective in such cases as it can result in weight loss right after the first week of surgery. Apart from dietary restriction, the person can even resume normal work just one week after surgery.


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