India, the third most fat country!

The proportion of Obesity in India has reached at a mass level in last two decades, it has become world’s third most obese country with more than 5% of the Indian population suffering from obesity and overweight issues. As a result of the colossal promotion of the packaged ready-to-eat food products, aerated drinks and junk by the Indian branches of those foreign goods , a monster which does not repel but attracts the masses, especially the kids has emerged as a serious problem.

As today’s life is so hectic and busy for parents, they do not have time to take well care of their children. Consequently, they don’t take stress to make food at home and depend their kids on ready made or junk food from outside, like burgers, pizza etc. The kids have become so persistent to these food items, they are not anymore interested in eating healthy eating habits as fruits, and especially vegetables. Anything which is made of vegetables is enemy for them. And now comes the drink, the most chosen drinks of the kids today are not juice or milk but Cola or Pepsi.

Junk foods and drinks are not the only things which are to be blamed here but the living style and working pattern of today’s generation is also equally responsible. Earlier, kids had a correct time table which they heartily followed to exert their lifestyle, but now, not only the kids but also the youngsters and adults have chosen a lifestyle where they just sit and work. The technology has made the entire generation home-ridden leaving no time and will to go out for exercise, play or even for a walk.

In this world of technologies the kids have become techno savvy. Whether working, doing homework or projects or even playing, they do everything on mobile phones and laptops. These unhealthy eating habits and unplanned or unmanaged lifestyle has made the obesity to grow more.

Obesity is a risk factor and cause of many disorders and ill health. The risk of stomach infections as well as the heart diseases and diabetes has resultantly been = growing more. In many cities of the country, government has taken several initiatives to ban these unhealthy products. In many states like Kerala, Karnataka government banned the cola drinks but after sometime, owing to a massive demand and popularity, these products make a way to comeback.

After finding the dangerous lead in Maggi Noodles, the Indian government banned it across the entire country but after a while it came back with new ones which doesn’t contain lead anymore.

“A healthy heart is the key to efficiency.” The people must start living the healthy life, by eating healthy and fresh. Fruits, vegetables and fibre are the main source of a healthy diet. Also they should give themselves a small amount of time in their daily routine to play outside the home and exercise. By all these good habits people can achieve the healthy lifestyle.





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