Sleeve Gastrectomy

Sleeve Gastrectomy is an innovative surgery which came up as a first step to a two stage procedure for weight loss surgery in super obese patients.


But the gastric sleeve is now performed as a standalone procedure for weight loss wherein the stomach is stapled vertically to create a long gastric tube having a volume of approx 60-80 ml and the resected part of the stomach is removed from the body.

Thus two things are achieved by laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy surgery, first being reduction in the intake of food, secondly, we get rid of the hunger hormone called ghrelin, majority of which is secreted from the fundus of the stomach which is resected.

Ghrelin is a hunger hormone and also a prodiabetic hormone and hence,this weight loss surgery, can also offer remission of Diabetes in early diabetics with good levels of C peptide. Sleeve Gastrectomy in Bangalore is picking up omentum with obesity on the rise in the ounger age groups. The benefits in terms of weight loss & diabetes remission weigh far more than the Cost of sleeve Gastrectomy surgery.

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