Drinking White Tea For Weight Loss

White tea is made from the sun-dried leaves and the buds of Camellia sinensis. This is the same plant that also produces other kinds of tea like green or back tea. This tea is the least processed and is harvested when extremely young, and hence has a distinctive flavor and more properties.

It is light and sweet in taste. 28 milligrams of caffeine is present in 236ml cup of white tea. Obesity has been on the rise and now it is considered a global epidemic. Obesity not only comes alone but brings with it a host of other health-related conditions. So the best thing that can be done is to reduce weight. It can be done by exercise, diet, treatment, or a combination of both. If everything fails, one can approach a Best Bariatric Surgeon to get a weight loss surgery.

White tea has major Fat burning properties, improves metabolism, and aids weight loss. In a German study it was found that drinking white tea helps in losing weight by burning the existing fat cells and by preventing the formation of new fat cells. The antioxidant properties of the tea also aid in the process of weight loss. It is also found that Tea catechins in white tea have antiangiogenic properties that may prevent obesity.

Apart for weight loss, white tea helps with other conditions like treatment of diabetes, improving skin, hair health, treating acne & anti-aging properties, reducing inflammation & improving digestion, helping treat cancer, improving the health of liver and kidneys, reproductive health, healthy heart, improving memory, can help in hypothyroidism, and improving oral health & teeth. For people who are obese, or people who have already undergone weight loss surgery consult a bariatric surgeon before including this in your diet. 


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