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Get a doctor's opinion on whether the procedure is suitable for you.

Be prepared to make healthy lifestyle changes.

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Dr.Tulip has been improving the quality of life through better health

  1.  Dr. Tulip has been recognized by the Surgical Review Corporation USA as “Surgeon of Excellence”

  2.  Successfully handled more than 2000+ procedures in diabetes and obesity surgery.

  3. Dr. Tulip has ventured to set up South India’s 1st Flagship Hospital dedicated to Obesity and Diabetes surgery.

  4. Excellence in the field of bariatric and metabolic surgery over 2 decades.

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6th phase 2, 15th Cross Road KR Layout, JP Nagar Phase 6, J. P. Nagar Bengaluru, Karnataka 560078 India


What is Bariatric Surgery?

Being overweight is not easy to live with. It brings down the quality of life and causes intense issues in the long run. 

At TODs, we offer such morbidly obese people various weight loss surgery that ensures one lives a productive life. At TODs, the whole spectrum of metabolic surgeries is performed by 10+ years of experienced doctors. The surgery performed at TODs includes sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypasses, mini gastric bypass, and banded sleeve gastrectomies.

Sleeve Gastrectomy

Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery is an innovative surgery that came up as the first step to a two-stage procedure for weight loss surgery in super-obese patients. But the gastric sleeve is now performed as a standalone procedure for weight loss.

Gastric Bypass (RYGB)

In Gastric Bypass surgery, we create a gastric pouch having a volume of 30-40 cc and connect it to the small intestine so that the residual part of the stomach and approximately 100-150cms of the small intestine is bypassed. 

Mini-Gastric Bypass (MGB)

A tiny gastric bypass procedure works just like a typical gastric bypass procedure, where the small intestine is redirected and the stomach is split into upper and lower pouches. This enables weight loss through restriction and malabsorption.

Happy People

Amera Begum
Amera Begum
Dr Tulip and Dr kavita are Amazing. I had sleeve gastric bariatic surgery 5days ago and i lost 4 kgs. I am extremely grateful that Dr Tulip has given me new life new start and Dr Tulip staff also extra carring like i feel im not hospitalized i feel im in cradle . Special thanks to sister Tanu shree ,kerala sister and Bengali brother and once again Dr Tulip and Dr kavita thank you🌹🙏🌹 lots of love you ❤❤❤Drs
Nalini Narayan
Nalini Narayan
Dr. Tulip and Dr. Kavita are amazing. I had a gastric bypass surgery last year and have lost more than 40 kgs. I am extremely grateful that Dr. Tulip has given me new lease of life .Her post operative care and follow ups are fantastic. Thank you Drs.
D.s Suma
D.s Suma
DR.Tulip madam and Kavitha madam were amazing I Had a gastric bypass surgery last month I reduced 10 kgs of weight much more to go I started my second life with this Iam very grateful to dr. Tulip
Sai kiran Reddy
Sai kiran Reddy
After trying for a baby for 7 long years, bariatric surgery helped me. I conceived a year ago and and am a proud mother after shedding 30 kilos
Sankarsh rakesh
Sankarsh rakesh
Huge tummy sagging I had. Confused to do lipo or tummy tuck. Finally did tummy tuck , have flat tummy I dreamed. . Thanks to Dr Tulip and team.
Mahadev Prasad S
Mahadev Prasad S
Lost 20kgs in 4 months for wedding , but also regained 4kgs within 2 months. What doctor told is right only. I should have done Stapler surgery
Anuradha Suryakanth
Anuradha Suryakanth
Gastric bypass, a very wonderful surgery that my uncle underwent. I could notvsee him suffer, his diabetes was uncontrolled, he could not sleep without a CPap machine , breathless after taking few steps. But 4 months since surgery, he has lost 32 kgs, insulin has stopped, only one diabetes medicine he is taking. He no longer uses CPAP machine. He has become positive once again. Thanks to Dr Tulip and team for all the guidance before, during and after surgery. My uncle is in safe hands
Aryan Vishnu
Aryan Vishnu
10 minutes and swalow balon done. I have no discomfort and tummy feeling full. Nevery knew it was really so smooth. Hope I lose 17kgs.

Remember a gastric Bypass or Gastric Sleeve is not a "quick fix" or a way to drop weight fast

They Involve serious commitments and lifestyle changes, but the results over the time can lead to healthier lifestyle and more control over your future Contact us today to get started