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Child obesity specialist in Bangalore

Child Obesity is the most common problem in India with almost 10 million cases registered every year. In simple terms, it can here as excess body fat that negatively affects health. But, not all children with extra weight can be called overweight or obese, because every child has their own capacity to carry the different amount of body fat depending on their body mass index (BMI) – a guideline of weight in relation to height. Hence, child obesity is difficult to spot.

To spot, the obesity specialist in Bangalore usually checks the child’s history of growth and development and the family’s weight-for-height history. By analyzing all facts, they can determine whether the child’s weight is in an unhealthy range and suggest a proper obesity treatment in Bangalore or weight loss surgery in Bangalore.

Factors That Cause Child Obesity

Child obesity causes mostly by lifestyle irregularities and genetic and hormonal factors.

According to the obesity specialist in Bangalore, the child who regularly eats high-calorie foods has a good chance of being overweight. Apart from fast foods and baked goods, the heavy consumption of several other foods such as candy, dessert, sugary drinks, frozen meals, crackers, and cookies may affect the BMI.

The children who often waste too much time watching tv, mobile, computers, playing video games, etc. instead of doing physical activities or pursuing sports are more likely to gain extra weight.

Family and Psychological factor
The child in an overweight family is likely to put on weight. It is seen in an environment where high-calorie food is welcomed, and physical activity isn’t encouraged.
Any kind of stress like personal, family, or parental can put a risk of child obesity. Some children have a habit of eating excessive food to ignore stress.

Physical Problems
The obesity in a child can cause a lot of physical complications if it is not treated on time by any obesity specialist in India. Diabetes, high blood pressure, high triglycerides excess abdominal fat, high cholesterol, asthma, sleep disorder, and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) are some of the common diseases caused by child obesity.

Societal and Psychological Complications
The child obesity patients are prone to develop emotional and social complications like depression due to being bullied and behavior & low learning capabilities due to the anxiety of embarrassment. But the parents do not need to panic as this condition can be treatable by any obesity specialist Bangalore through some simple medicines and suggested precautionary measures. If needed the specialist may have to use weight loss surgery in Bangalore which is quite safe with today’s technologies and experts in the field.

Precautionary Measures
To prevent your child from being overweight, you can practice some of the measures: Keep your child’s diet in check including their day-to-day calories and sugar-sweetened beverage consumptions; use lots of fruits and vegetables; have a meal as a family; limit tv, mobile, computer & any other screen time.

Ensure once a year check-up for your child with your family doctor who can deter obesity symptoms by calculating and analyzing BMI.

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