What does my weight have to do with Kidneys?

The question is “What does my weight have to do with Kidneys?” The simple answer being, more weight, more work for the kidneys to filter wastes from the body. Kidneys filter approximately 170 liters of blood every day. Obese people have a higher tendency to develop high blood pressure and diabetes, both of which lead to kidney disease or kidney failure.

Although obesity or overweight indirectly causes harm to the kidney, the excess weight still poses a direct problem due to excessive workload. According to a professor of pharmacology at the University of Houston, Tahir Hussain, the body of an obese person is associated with low-grade chronic inflammation in both chronic as well as acute kidney injury.

And 50% of this inflammation is contributed by the fat cells in the body. In obese people, the fat cells expand to a very huge level, and these fat cells also release inflammatory chemicals. When the kidneys are exposed to this inflammation during the filtering process, they can be injured. And once the injury starts, it does not stop he says.
Making lifestyle changes, exercising, eating right, drinking plenty of water are some of the things one can do to protect the kidneys.

When all these fail, contact a Bariatric Surgeon to help you understand your condition and possible ways to reduce the stubborn weight.

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