Sprouts for Weight Loss

Consuming Whole grain is more beneficial to the body. This is a widely known fact and is recommended by almost all nutritionists and medical experts. What is surprising is the fact that the amount of nutrition in sprouts is much higher than even whole grains.

Sprouts are whole grains that grow and germinate when soaked and left with the right amount of temperature light and moisture. During the sprouting process, some enzymes are released. This process makes the sprouts low in glycemic and easy to digest. Sprouts also have high fiber in them.

Whole grains are good in antioxidants. But according to some latest research, as reported in the whole grain council, the antioxidant activity in some sprouted grains increase between 300 to 470%. Apart from increasing antioxidant activity, sprouts also increase other nutrients like Vitamin B, C, Foliate, Fiber, and essential amino acids.

Including this in the weight loss diet is beneficial. Consult your nutritionist or your weight loss expert/ Bariatric Surgeon for advice about the changes in diet.

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