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Bariatric Surgery

When & Why do people decide to get a Bariatric surgery?

1. Last attempt:

After diligently slogging on the treadmill for months, and sometimes years, all that flab still does not convert to muscle. After dieting and trying all kinds of happening diets, and still the scale does not reduce a tiny point.

2. Childhood obesity:

Right from childhood, have always been plump, and nothing helps to lose that stubborn weight.

3. Health conditions:

Due to obesity and conditions arising from excess weight, conditions like Heart disease, kneepain, infertility, sleepapnea, type2diabetes, PCOS, cancer, cirrhosis, highbloodpressure, highcholesterol. These conditions become life threatening.

4. Social discomfort & depression:

Due to their weight, obese people slowly withdraw from society and tend to go into depression. And due to depression, they again binge eat. It forms a vicious cycle. They also fall prey to peer pressure, and target of jokes. Sometimes it also difficult to get into a serious relationship due to their weight issues.

5. Infertility:

Couples trying for a baby with failed attempts, and if the reason for failure is obesity/ overweight. And their gynecologist advises that a successful attempt is possible when they lose that extra weight.

6. Weight gain after childbirth:

Irrational weight gain after childbirth and getting back to the old weight becomes impossible. Sometimes hormones & hormonal medication too play a part in the weight gain process.

7. Food addiction:

Many people do not know that they have a food addiction. Whatever emotional thing happens, they reach out for food. Even when they are not hungry. It’s hard for them to follow a weight loss diet. This results in weight gain that is hard to revert back.

While choosing weight loss surgery, it’s important to consult a best bariatric surgeon.