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Do you have a BMI over 37? Does your weighing machine stare back at you with the same digits, despite your strict diet and exercise? Is your overweight constantly nagging your mind? If it is a ‘yes’ to all these, its time you prepare yourself for a bariatric surgery (weight loss surgery)!

Bariatric Surgery (weight loss) Procedures

1. Gastric Bypass -

Indeed the gold standard for weight loss surgery having withstood the test of time in achieving substantial weight loss and maintaining the same. Here, we create a gastric pouch having a volume of 30-40 cc and connect it to the small intestine, so that the residual part of the stomach and approx of 100 cm of the small intestine is bypassed.


2. Sleeve Gastrectomy -

An innovative surgery which came up as a first step to a two stage procedure for weight loss surgery in super obese patients. But this procedure is now performed as a stand alone procedure for weight loss wherein the stomach is stapled vertically to create a pouch having a volume of approx 60-80 ml and the resected part of the stomach is removed from the body

3. Mini Gastric Bypass - Another variant of weight loss surgery wherein a long gastric tube is created along the lesser curve and the small intestine is attached to it an approx. 200-250 Cms from the DJ flexure.

4. Banded Bariatric Surgeries- Banded Sleeve Gastrectomy and Banded Gastric bypass are add-ons to the standard procedures of regular sleevegastrectomy and gastric bypass. A non adjustable ring of silicon is placed about 3-4 cms away from the OG (oesophagogastric junction) either on the gastric sleeve or the gastric pouch of the gastric bypass. This is done in an attempt to continue the restrictive element of the standard procedure even years after the surgery thus ensuring long term weight loss and avoiding weight regain

5. Adjustable gastric band - An adjustable silicon band is applied on the upper part of the stomach to manipulate the stomach size to restrict the quantity of food intake

6. Gastric balloon - A balloon is placed in the stomach and inflated thus taking up most of the space.This minimises food intake capacity


Advantages of Bariatric surgery

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