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Metabolic Surgery

Regular exercise is important for everyone, but especially so if you have diabetes. Physical activity combined with healthy eating and any diabetes medication that you might be taking will help you manage your diabetes and prevent long-term diabetes complications. If you haven’t been very active lately, start with a 25-30 everyday. Steadily add more time into this regimen to finally perform approximately 200 minutes of moderate intense exercise per week which includes walking, jogging, swimming,…

Metabolic Surgery in Bangalore

Pre-diabetes is a wake-up call for you to start taking diabetes seriously! It is characterized by higher than normal blood sugar levels but not as high as diabetes. This condition increases the risk of getting diabetes. Fortunately you can reduce that risk with diet and physical exercise. Progression from pre-diabetes to type 2 diabetes isn’t inevitable. Eating healthy foods, incorporating physical activity in your daily routine and maintaining a healthy weight can help bring your…

Diabetes Surgery in Bangalore

To treat diabetes, one needs to control his blood sugar levels in the body. Most people do it by medications, dietary changes and exercise. But, do you know that there’s a surgical method to treat diabetes?