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The healthy diet and daily exercise can prevent and postpone the onset of Type 2 Diabetes. While the world progresses in technology to ease our lifestyle, our dependency on it has drastically increased. As a result, today around 422 million people are affected by the diabetic condition – according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Nowadays, the symptoms of Type 2 diabetes can be seen even in children and youths. The prime reason for this
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Obesity and the knee pain have a strong connection as your knee gets all the burdens of your overall weight while you walk, run or stand. With each extra pound, the load will be four times on the knee joint. And that’s where the endless suffering of chronic knee pain begins. It doesn’t stop there. The pain grows and increases the risk of osteoarthritis (OA) – a type of arthritis in which the flexible tissues
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Child Obesity is the most common problem in India with almost 10 million cases registered every year. In simple terms, it can here as excess body fat that negatively affects the health. But, not all children with extra weight can be called overweight or obese, because every child has their own capacity to carry the different amount of body fat depending on their body mass index (BMI) – a guideline of weight in relation to
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Bangalore is regarded as the tech hub our country. Job opportunities over the last decade have increased so also the take home packages. At the same time number of working hours has drastically increased so is the work pressure. As people are out of the home for most of the time, eating out has become a very common feature. Due to stress and odd hours of working people have started binge eating and prefer fast
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Mushrooms are available and grow throughout the world. There are many kinds both edible and poisonous. Some edible mushrooms have a compound that gets converted into Vitamin D when exposed to UV lights. Although mushrooms are not vegetable, because of their texture and juicy nature, they can be replaced instead of meat in many vegetarian recipes. Calories for 100 gms of mushroom is 22 calories, with a total 0.3 gms of fat, and 1gm of
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Consuming Whole grain is more beneficial to the body. This is a widely known fact and is recommended by almost all nutritionists and medical experts. What is surprising is the fact that the amount of nutrition in sprouts is much higher that even whole grains. Sprouts are whole grains which grow and germinate when soaked and left with the right amount of temperature light and moisture. During the sprouting process, some enzymes are released. This
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100 grams of Asparagus contains as low as 20 calories, dietary fiber of 2.1g, fat 0.1g, cholesterol 0mg, and protein of 2.2g. Asparagus is a perennial. The young shoots are used as vegetable. 93% of asparagus is composed of water. It is also rich in Vitamin B, calcium, magnesium, zinc, beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, thiamin, riboflavin, folic acid, iron, phosphorus, potassium, copper, manganese, and selenium. Since asparagus is very low in calories,
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The question is “What does my weight have to do with Kidneys?” The simple answer being, more weight, more work for the kidneys to filter wastes from the body. Kidneys filter approximately 170 liters of blood every day. Obese people have a higher tendency to develop high blood pressure and diabetes, both of which lead to kidney disease or kidney failure. Although obesity or overweight indirectly causes harm to the kidney, the excess weight still
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